New App: Value for Money Wines

New App: Value for Money Wines


New App: Value

We have developed a new Wine App to save anxiety and money when choosing a wine in a shop or restaurant. The Value for Money Wines App will compare the price you are being asked to pay for the wine against the value criteria established in Wine behind the label.

A completely free version is now available to download, for both IOS and Android, loaded with 2,000 wines from some of the world’s top producers.

Wine behind the label is currently concluding development of the full Pro version, loaded with some 25,000 wines which will be available very shortly for a modest quarterly subscription of £3.99 after a three-month free trial. It is designed not only to prevent you from getting ripped off but also for you to discover wines of exceptional value for a very satisfactory drinking experience. The Pro version will be continually updated to reflect new wines, new price criteria and changed ratings from existing wines, which is why there will be a subscription charge for it.

A unique feature of this App is that you have the option of pricing the wines in 92 different currencies, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world when you are buying a wine. Currency exchange rates are updated hourly as long as you are online at the time. It comes pre-loaded in sterling (GBP)

The Value for Money App provides intuitive, easy steps to give you a quick result in under a minute. Once downloaded and opened for the first time, you arrive at the Info page, where you can tap on ‘Introduction’, ‘How to use this App’ (a step by step guide) and ‘visit Website’ OR ‘Find Value for Money Wines’ to immediately get to the Producers page. Subsequently, it will open directly on the Producers page and you can click the 3 bar icon top right if you want to change your currency or to get back to the Info page.

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New App: Value

Once you are on the Producers page, select your producer from the list (or type the name in the Search box) and then the wines rated from that producer will appear on a separate page; tap on the wine you want, then select Shop or Restaurant, enter the listed price, tap on the Get a Result button and you will be notified if the wine is

Exceptional Value for Money
Value for Money
Reasonably Priced
Overpriced – or
Considerably overpriced



It is then up to you to decide to what extent you want to follow this guidance. Your burning desire for the wine might outweigh the fact that you are paying over the odds for it or you may want to snap up a great quality/price ratio wine that some wine merchants or restaurants are offering at the time. Please note that the ratings are not vintage specific but reflect more the overall performances of the producer. Vintage ratings can be found at the beginning of the important sections in Wine behind the label to which you can refer.

The free trial version with 2,000 wines taken from the 25,000 odd wines covered and rated in Wine behind the label provides an opportunity to try out this App. The Pro Version will greatly enhance the scope of this App.

The Value for Money App compares the price listed for the wine in Shop or Restaurant against the value criteria established in Wine behind the label, which you can find here

Both Apps will work under the same principles. The free version featuring 2,000 wines will remain available with fixed data while The Pro Version allows for a reasonable 3-month free trial period before accepting a subscription of £3.99 per quarter to include updates mentioned above.



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