That was the week that was AUGUST 1-8

That was the week that was AUGUST 1-8

Double Bend AllroundThe major announcement for this week, is that we are promoting a new range of glasses to compliment our Zalto range. They are also hand blown (well, mouth-blown!) from lead-free crystal in Austria and their unique shape with their conical base and double angled bends allows the wine to breathe whilst also concentrating the aromas. There are more details on the website and these will make an ideal unusual Christmas present for someone. (OMG – thinking of Christmas already!)

As indicated last week, not much to report in new wine tasting experiences during this holiday period – in fact, I’m taking the opportunity of drinking hardly any wine at all until the big tasting circuit picks up in the autumn, just to stay as healthy as possible before the onslaught. Just like everything else, wine consumption in moderation is a sure way of staying healthy for a long time.

In the meantime, we have been indulging ourselves in picking out some off-the-wall snippets of wine news throughout the world as well as one or two more serious ones.

Do have a look at the blogs, we have a numerous blogs including, the Winery review blog, News from around the web, a Guest blog, my general blog as well as the weeks round up blog “The week that was” at some of the news items and please feel free to comment with your feedback, humorous or serious as you wish.

9th-book-thumbnailA final word on the long-awaited printed version of Wine Behind The Label. We have had to reduce the number of pages from over 2,000 to less that 1,000. This has meant cutting out the pictures that are in the digital format, making two columns to a page (we haven’t compromised on the text, though) and re-designing the whole layout. I’m pleased to say that we are now at the indexing stage and the whole text should be finalised within the next week or so. It just remains to perform a final edit of the text and the design and then it will go to print.

Hopefully the printed book will be available for sale by the end of September. (You can check out all latest 9th guide details here)A few updates have been incorporated over the digital version thanks to some really helpful feedback. Please do not hesitate, all of you, to give us your feedback if you think we have missed any recent changes.

We are also working our way to creating a Membership Section, where like-minded wine enthusiasts can get together to enjoy some great events and some great privileges.

Watch this space!

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