That Was The Week That Was August 24-31

That Was The Week That Was August 24-31

Dodging downpours seemed to be the order of the day, or even the week, as we continued to struggle with the ineptitude of the utility companies to complete the work we paid them for six months ago.

Smoked eelThis needed some serious compensation and a couple of visits to the BBC Proms helped us to regain some sanity. Not far from the Albert Hall is a Polish restaurant which we have been meaning to go to for years but never ever quite made it, but finally we did after a concert and the rather pleasant experience is recorded here

Following on from that, we were invited to friends for a splendid Spanish-themed dinner which also helped us to get over our construction traumas and you can read about it here

We are continuing to feature some of the winery entries in the 9th edition of Wine behind the label on the Winery Blog page and this week we have featured two of my favourite German producers, Horst Sauer and Roman Niewodniczanski of Van Volxem. Roman is one of our 9 Groundbreaking Winemakers awarded by us in this 9th edition. Read more about them on

Our light-hearted look at wine news we have gleaned from around the world has produced two posts of extreme amusement. Go to to see CNN’s understanding of “up and coming wine regions” and perhaps you could let us know if you agree with their definitions and what you consider are the REAL up and coming wine regions. Do write in on the comments section on the page to give us your thoughts and perhaps suggest another “up and coming wine region” and the reasons why you think it is. We will judge who has submitted the best post and will reward the winner with a FREE download of the Napa and Carneros mini guide – which is definitely NOT up and coming!

The other post that has amused us is Stephen Cronk’s video on how to open a bottle if wine without a corkscrew. Very ingenious, but will it work with sparkling wines?

There are exciting new developments going on at Wine behind the label – they are not yet finalised but we’ll keep you informed as soon as they come into fruition.

Happy drinking, happy eating and happy travelling!!


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