That Was The Week That Was – September 1-8

That Was The Week That Was – September 1-8

california wine regionsThis week we have been featuring some Californian wineries in our winery blog page – from the boutique Frick Winery, specialising in Rhône–style varietals, to the giants such as Gallo, specialising in just about everything. In the middle somewhere are wineries such as Edmeades, whilst although being part of the Kendal Jackson empire, are allowed to go their own way and are producing some big Zinfandels (real Dolly Partons, so they say) and juicy Gewürztraminers. I remember visiting the winery some years back when the then manager, apologised to me for being late for our appointment but he was out buying his 14 year old daughter a gun for her birthday. There’s probably a tradition of a Wild West approach to winemaking at Edmeades and the wines certainly don’t take prisoners! To read all about these in detail, please go to

Chateau_BrownAnd in the Northern Hemisphere, harvest is on its way. You can read a preliminary report from Château Brown in Bordeaux at

A visit to Bedford to see a friend resulted in a good lunch at a Turkish restaurant – read all about it at Bedford is a surprisingly pleasant place to visit – I’ve never been before but was most impressed – we’ll blog more about it next week.

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