The Latest – Mark Thomas Glassware Sale

The Latest – Mark Thomas Glassware Sale

Among the latest posts to our website, I slag off wine prices in restaurants in my blog page and have written a piece on how to make the most out of it if you go to

On the Home page we have also put up our Glossary of Wine Terms and a Grape Glossary to help you get around the World of Wine which we hope you find as useful permanent references.

We continue to post up vineyard write-ups as well as some serious and humorous wine postings from the news from around the web section. Do have  a look at them do please feed us back with your comments.

Now for the big news. We will be exhibiting at the London Wine Fair from May 3 to 5 and on our stand will be two of our suppliers – Barry Wax from VinGardeValise – the wine carrying suitcase – essential for anyone who needs to transport wine, and Thomas Zichtl from Mark Thomas Glassware, showing his super fine mouth-blown, lead-fre crystal glasses to grace the finest tables. Come and talk to them about their products and to David and I about the guide. More details later.

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