Ata Rangi Martinborough

Ata Rangi Martinborough

Ata Rangi MartinboroughFrom an original 5 ha site, brother and sister Clive and Alison Paton and their partners have built an enviable reputation. Their vineyards are sited mostly on the Martinborough Terrace, either owned (this includes the recent acquisition of the Walnut Ridge vineyard) or subject to long-term contracts with neighbouring families. Yields are low, the vine age now averages over 25 years and the quality of the fruit shows in the wines. Clive Paton and Oliver Masters have forged New Zealand’s most consistently fine Pinot Noir over the past decade or so. The wine has a depth and structure that requires a little patience but brings a richness and complexity with 3–5 years’ age. A second Pinot, Crimson, comes from younger vines. Project Crimson supports the replanting of native Rata and Pohutukawa trees. The quality of the spicy, cedary, berryish Célèbre (Syrah/Merlot/Cabernets) is more vintage dependent but usually offers good depth and richness in a cool style. Craighall, the premium Chardonnay, is produced from a 2.8 ha vineyard adjacent to the winery; a second, Petrie, comes from a 4.5 ha vineyard at East Taratahi to the north of Martinborough. Pinot Gris with intense quince-like fruit is one of the most promising Antipodean examples. Some Sauvignon is made along with a botrytised Riesling, Kahu (when conditions permit), and a varietal Syrah.

Ata Rangi Martinborough
C Paton & partners Puruatanga Road, PO Box 43, Martinborough
Tel: 06 306 9570 Fax: 06 306 9523

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