Bernhard Ott Wagram

Bernhard Ott Wagram

Bernhard Ott WagramBernhard Ott’s 16 ha are in Wagram, now an independent region rather than just a quality zone within Donauland. The loess soils are highly suited to Grüner Veltliner. Only unoaked whites are made and 90% are from Grüner. The wines, progress from a cool, spicy Am Berg to Fass 4, a selection of the best vineyards, through late-harvested old-vine Der Ott, to the powerful Rosenberg 1. Lage from over 50-year-old vines are expressive, pure and characterful – more fruity, less concentrated or structured than top Wachau examples but good drinking and well-priced. Further top level examples come from Feuersbrunner Spiegel and Engabrunner Stein while other wines include von Rottem Schotter Riesling.

Bernhard Ott Wagram
Bernhard Ott Neufang 36, A-3483 Feuersbrunn
Tel: 02738 2257 Fax: 02738 225722

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