Birgit Eichinger Kamptal

Birgit Eichinger Kamptal

Birgit Eichinger KamptalIn Austria, as elsewhere, female winemakers tend to be a small minority but as is often the case the amount of quality wine they produce is not commensurate with their numbers. Birgit Eichinger is one of the emerging stars of Kamptal where her 8 ha of vines include the two top sites, Heiligenstein and Gaisberg. Both Grüner Veltliner and Riesling from Gaisberg are fine, with a touch of minerality in the first and a pure classy, citrus depth to the latter. Riesling from Heiligenstein is bigger yet structured with great style and depth. Grüner Veltliner from Wechselberg also highlights the potential of this site. The ripest Grüner grapes from Gaisberg and Heiligenstein go into a partially oaked wine called Goliath that has good richness, length and complexity, if struggling a little for balance. Also made is a very good example of unoaked Chardonnay (from Strasser Gaisberg), while a second Chardonnay, Strasser Stangl, is oaked and more international, yet still with good fruit purity.

Birgit Eichinger Kamptal
Eichinger family Langenloiser Strasse 365, A-3491 Strass im Strassertal
Tel: 02735 5648 Fax: 02735 56488

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