Brooks Wine Eola-Amity Hills

Brooks Wine Eola-Amity Hills

brookswineA small range of very fine white and red is produced at this Eola-Amity Hills based winery. The late Jimi Brooks had been been winemaker and vineyard manager at MAYSARA while building his own small label focussing only on organic and biodynamic vineyard practices for his wines. This legacy is carried through in the wines today. Jimi Brooks passed away in 2004 before the harvest. His winemaking friends though rallied round to ensure the vintage was produced. Different lots were produced at different wineries. In 2006 Chris Williams became the full-time winemaker for Brooks, himself coming from Maysara. Jimi’s sister Janie Brooks Heuck has taken on the responsibility of running the business in order to provide a future for Jimi’s son Pascal, who is the sole owner, and sustain her brother’s label and work. The wines are exemplary, the Rastaban comes from the Momtazi and Hyland Vineyards with dark, intense black cherry fruit with a structured, mineral undercurrent. It is one of those rare Oregon Pinots that will develop well for a decade. The softer, more immediately approachable Janus comes from a range of sites with something of that dark, dense character as well. There is a very good regular Pinot Noir, which offers great value. Ara is one of the State’s best examples of citrus laden, zesty, mineral Riesling. The regular Willamette bottling is a touch less intense and structured but very good. Amycas is a fresh green-fruited aromatic blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Muscat. Enjoy it young and fresh. (DM)

Brooks Wine Eola-Amity Hills
Pascal Brooks 9360 SE Eola Hills Road, Amity, OR 97101
Tel: 503 435-1278

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