By Farr (Geelong)

By Farr (Geelong)

byfarr❁ By Farr (Geelong)
Gary Farr Midland Highway, Bannockburn, VIC 3331
Tel: 03 5281 1979 Fax: 03 5281 1979

In 1999 Gary Farr released four new varietals from 4.8 ha of his own vineyards adjacent to BANNOCKBURN. Initially the wines were known as Bannockburn by Farr but are now simply By Farr. The wines are made in a purpose built winery but, coming from new clones on differing soil types and aspects, the wines are distinctly different. Shiraz, Chardonnay and no less than three cuvees of Pinot Noir (Farrside, Sangreal and Tout Pres, the latter almost twice the price and not tasted) all show a little more elegance and refined varietal character. Viognier is the major point of difference and seems set to show the hallmark Bannockburn weight and structure and therefore eclipse the high-alcohol but structure-deficient character of many Australian examples of this variety.

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