Campbells (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)

Campbells (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)

campbell-wines❁ Campbells (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)
Campbell family Murray Valley Highway, Rutherglen, VIC 3685
Tel: 02 6032 9458 Fax: 02 6032 9870

As always in Rutherglen the reputation of this producer depends on the quality of the fortified wines, and here they are consistently good. Impressively flavoursome in the cheaper examples, there is marvellous complexity, intensity and refinement in the Rare-level Isabella Topaque and Merchant Prince Muscat. Campbells reds, in particular The Barkly Durif, can show real intensity in a robust, gutsy style. Alcohol levels have been pared back especially for the Bobbie Burns Shiraz which represents good value.

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