Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Cantina del Pino BarbarescoUp to and including the 96 vintage Renato Vacca’s family sold their grapes to the Produttori del BARBARESCO. Given the general high quality of the latter’s releases it should not come as any great surprise that some of their growers have the potential for very good Barbaresco indeed. In the case of Cantina del Pino they also have in Renato the bonus of a gifted young winemaker. 50-70 year old vines with a south-west exposure in the Ovello cru provide the pinnacle of quality, a Barbaresco that is pure and expressive. From 2005 Renato has been making a Barbaresco Riserva from the Albanesi vineyard on the Santo Stefano hill, showing even greater intensity and power, coupled with ripe tannins and dark fruits. Regular Barbaresco and Barbera d’Alba (from vines over 50 years old and aged in new oak) are stylish and elegant too while well-typed Freisa and Dolcetto add further to the integrity of this fine small cellar.

Cantina del Pino Barbaresco
Renato Vacca Via Ovello 31, 12050 Barbaresco (CN)
Tel: 0173 635147 Fax: 0173 635147

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