Carl Loewen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

Carl Loewen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

WeingutLoewenKarl-Josef Loewen has been a champion of the very good Laurentiuslay vineyard which lies at the heart of his 12 ha estate. Here he produces Rieslings with lovely finesse and expression: minerally and spicy with a suggestion of elderflower. They are also characterised by excellent balance and length of flavour.

Bottlings from individually numbered casks can be exceptionally good. Varidor is a dry generic Riesling while an Alte Reben (old vine) version is also dry, if full and more New World-like. There is also a bright intense fruit in the wines from the under-rated Thörnicher Ritsch. When conditions permit he produces a splendid classy Leiwener Klostergarten Eiswein, with an interplay of preserved citrus and tropical fruit flavours. This, like all the wines, is very fairly priced.

Carl Loewen Vineyard Mittel Mosel
Karl-Josef Loewen Matthiasstrasse 30, D-54340 Leiwen
Tel: 06507 3094 Fax: 06507 802332

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