Cascina Val del Prete Roero

Cascina Val del Prete Roero

Cascina Val del Prete RoeroMario Roagna has transformed the grapes from 8 ha of family vineyards into a small fine range of wines in recent years, maximising the potential from a natural amphitheatre of vines first worked, then purchased back in 1977, by his late father, Lino (Bartolomeo). Over the years, farming has been organic and fermentation is only with natural yeasts. A delightful fruit-driven, unoaked regular Barbera contrasts with Carolina (named for his mother) which comes from a single parcel of vines and is aged for 16 months in new barriques. The oak is evident but there is fabulous style to its smoke and plum richness too. New from 2003 is another Barbera, Serra de’ Gatti from recently planted vines. A small amount of Roero is made though its oak/fruit balance is more marginal. Better is the Nebbiolo expression in Vigna di Lino; good vintages will be super with 5 years’ age or more. Arneis has more weight and structure than usual and will keep a year or two. Quantities are small, even the biggervolume Arneis and Barbera normale don’t much exceed 1,000 cases each.

Cascina Val del Prete Roero
Mario Roagna Strada Santuario 2, 12040 Priocca (CN)
Tel: 0173 616534 Fax: 0173 616534

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