Chambers Rosewood (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)

Chambers Rosewood (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)

chambers-rosewood❁ Chambers Rosewood (Rutherglen & Glenrowan)
Chambers family Barkley Street, Rutherglen, VIC 3685
Tel: 02 6032 8641 Fax: 02 6032 8101

Many of the great fortified-wine producers of North-West Victoria have their beginnings in late-Victorian times; Chambers goes as far back as 1858. It is the stocks of extremely old wines that contribute not only to the incredible concentration and intensity of the Rare versions of Rutherglen Muscat and Topaque, the latter now labelled Topaque Muscadelle (previously sold simply as Old Liqueur Topaque and Old Liqueur Muscat) but also their remarkable texture and extraordinary flavour complexity. The tea-leaf elegance of the Topaque contrasts with the more dried-fruits, raisiny character of the Muscat. The Special bottlings, now classified Grand, are also very fine, although at the regular, if relatively inexpensive level, there is good richness but the balance and flavours are much less inspiring. Table wines are also made. Prices below are based on a 75cl bottle, though they are sold in halves.

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