Château Caillou Sauternes 2ème CC

Château Caillou Sauternes 2ème CC

Wine Tour BookingThis is one of those confusingly labelled properties which takes the Sauternes AC although it is located in Barsac. There are two cuvées of the principal wine, the regular Caillou and a barrel selection, La Private Cuvée, produced in top years. Fermentation is in a mix of new oak and inox and ageing is between 18 and 24 months with a marked new oak component. This is an intense and heady sweet white but inevitably the regular Caillou suffers in those vintages when La Private Cuvée is released. A second wine, Château Haut-Mayne, is also produced. (DM)

Château Caillou Sauternes 2ème CC
Michel & Marie-Josée Pierre 33720 Barsac
Tel: 05 56 27 16 38 Fax: 05 56 27 09 60

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