Château Cambon-la-Pelouse Haut-Médo

Château Cambon-la-Pelouse Haut-Médo

Château Cambon La PelouseImpressively structured Haut-Médoc that has been on much improved form since 1999. The property is fairly substantial with 64ha of vineyards and sur-prisingly for the Médoc the mix of varieties planted is 50% Merlot to 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, with the remaining 15% Cabernet Franc including 2% Petit Verdot. As a result, the wine tends to be full, fleshy and relatively forward. Nevertheless, it possesses well-honed tannins and an impressive depth and purity. This wine remains particularly well priced. (DM)

Château Cambon-la-Pelouse Haut-Médo
Marie family 5 Chemin de Canteloup, 33460 Macau
Tel: 05 57 88 40 32 Fax: 05 57 88 19 12

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