Château Cissac Haut-Médoc

Château Cissac Haut-Médoc

chateau-cissacCissac is still made in a traditional, firm Médoc style but it is very fairly priced and generally wellcrafted. But, although structured and austere when very young, it is increasingly rounder and suppler than of old with a little age. Wooden as well as stainless steel vats are used for fermentation and an increasing amount of new wood (30–40%) is used to age the wine. From the best vintages the wine is undoubtedly complex and harmonious but really needs cellaring for 8–10 years to show at its best. (DM)

Château Cissac Haut-Médoc
Danielle Viallard 33250 Cissac-Médoc
Tel: 05 56 59 58 13 Fax: 05 56 59 55 67

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