Château Coutet Barsac

Château Coutet Barsac

Château CoutetVery good property and near neighbour of CLIMENS, although the wine here doesn’t quite reach the same heights. As well as Sémillon, which accounts for 75% of the blend, and Sauvignon Blanc, there is a little Muscadelle, just 3%. There is no doubt that there is a marked aromatic character in the wine in addition to its classic rich vanilla and peach notes. In exceptional years a special super-concentrated very limited production Cuvée Madame is released. This is certainly ✪✪✪✪✪. (DM)

Château Coutet Barsac 1er CC
Baly family 33720 Barsac
Tel: 05 56 27 15 46 Fax: 05 56 27 02 20

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