Churchill Port & Douro

Churchill Port & Douro

Churchill Port & DouroThe port house established in 1981 by Johnny Graham and his brothers has come a long way in just over 30 years. In the early days port was made in rented, cramped quarters and solely from boughtin grapes but now the company has expanded and it acquired two important quintas of its own in 1999: Quinta da Gricha and Quinta do Rio. The ports have always been made to a high standard, for a time drawing on grapes from the Fojo and Manuela quintas, and generally show rich, ripe fruit and good balance, avoiding over ripeness or an excessive spirity character. The Vintage Port, in particular, has got better with successive declarations. Best recent years are 2003, 2000, 97, 94 and 91. Other ports are competitively priced and often better value than the equivalents from the biggest names. Served slightly chilled, the amber-coloured dry white port is a rare good example. The single-quinta Quinta da Gricha port (from 04, 01 2000 and 99) and Quinta do Rio (01) now complement the fine Agua Alta made in 1998, 96, 95 and 92. Several Douro reds are now also being made by the talented João Brito e Cunha, who also makes finely honed wines under his own Azeo and Quinta de S. José labels.

Churchill Port & Douro
Churchill Graham Lda Rua da Fonte Nova 5, 4400-156 Vila Nova de Gaia
Tel: 223 703 641 Fax: 223 703 642

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