Clos LaChance Winery Santa Cruz Mountains

Clos LaChance Winery Santa Cruz Mountains

Clos LaChance WinesThis operation founded in 1987 is producing an ever increasing number of wines. Most expensive are the Designate Series, details of which can be found on the winery website. Among the Reserve and Estate Series wines, Pinot Noir comes from the Santa Cruz Mountains, the estate Cabernet and Merlot are both good and well-priced. Recent releases to look out for include Estate Petite Sirah and Estate Grenache. The Murphy’s now own a vineyard development company, which they believe will ensure a good continuity of grape supply in the fairly unstable California vineyard fruit supply chain. (DM)

Clos LaChance Winery Santa Cruz Mountains
Bill & Brenda Murphy 21511 Saratoga Heights Drive, Saratoga, CA 95070
Tel: 408 686-1050 Fax: 408 686-1052

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