Cockburns Port

Cockburns Port

Cockburns PortEstablished in 1815, Cockburn is one of the best-known port names. Much of its recent popularity is down to the success of the simple, sweet Special Reserve, a Vintage Character port. Quinta do Tua and, since 1989, Quinta dos Canais are two excellent quintas that form part of a substantial vineyard resource. The Vintage Port, for many years of only moderate quality or worse, has returned to form and, since Symington Family Estates acquired first the assets in 2006, then the brand (in 2010) they have made the ports and invested heavily in new production facilities. Mature vintages such as 1963, 60 and 55 or even older bottles can be superb (the rating only applies to the best vintages). The single quinta Touriga Nacional dominated Quinta dos Canais shows a lovely fruit purity and intensity and if it is less long-lived than the Vintage it still shows the quality of fruit that it brings to the blend. LBV is modest but tawnies (now packaged in 50cl bottles) show good intensity and length of flavour.

Cockburns Port
Symington Family Estates 4400 Vila Nova de Gaia
Tel: 223 776 545 Fax: 223 776 599

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