Cristom Vineyards Willamette Valley

Cristom Vineyards Willamette Valley

cristomEstablished in 1992, this small operation is now producing a range of excellent Pinot Noirs and some good whites. As well as the lightly oaked, quite restrained Chardonnay and floral Viognier there is a stylish, mineral-scented Pinot Gris and most recently a Syrah. The main focus is Pinot Noir, produced in a number of cuvées and from a number of estate-owned single vineyards. The Mount Jefferson Cuvée comes from a number of sites around the Valley. Impressive single-vineyard bottlings come from Louise, Eileen, Jessie and Marjorie, Louise the biggest and fullest of the wines. The Reserve is mainly sourced from the four estate vineyards. A barrel selection, it is a full, opulent style, which gets extended cask-ageing. The top Pinot is the Signature Cuvée, a special selection. Expect to age the Pinots successfully in the short to medium term over four to six years. (DM)

Cristom Vineyards Willamette Valley
Gerrie family Spring Valley Road, NW Salem, OR 97304
Tel: 503 375-3068 Fax: 503 391-7057

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