Croft Port

Croft Port

Croft PortWhat later became known as Croft had its beginnings in 1678 and its leading quinta, Quinta da Roêda, has provided the backbone of all its best Vintage Ports in the 20th century. Prior to the 1990s it is necessary to go back to 1977, 70, 66, 63, 60 or 55 for a really great Croft Port but Croft’s real salvation has come from its recent purchase by the estimable Taylor-Fonseca group. Croft’s Vintage 2003, the first foot trodden vintage since 1963 (for which the rating is given), showed a quantum leap in quality and has an exotic quality, good depth and a certain elegance. Of the other ports, a decent 10-yearold Tawny is made while the LBV with some upfront fruit is of the filtered type. ‘Distinction’ is the Vintage Character port and this along with Fine White, Fine Ruby and Fine Tawny are the big-volume basic ports, now joined by the pioneering Croft Pink, a rosé Port.

Croft Port
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