Dalla Valle Vineyards Oakville

Dalla Valle Vineyards Oakville

dallavalleOne of Napa’s small-volume, super-premium wineries with a first-class hillside site to the east of Oakville. The vines are planted in sparse red clay and volcanic soils which forces them to struggle for excellence. Also crucial to quality here is the extra sunshine the vineyard receives compared with those of the valley floor 120m (400ft) below, which results in grapes of exquisite flavour and concentration. Three wines are produced under the guidance of winemaker Andy Erickson and roving consultant Michel Rolland. The main focus of production is Cabernet Sauvignon plus a small amount of the even more impressive Maya, from the vineyard of the same name. Both are dominated by Caberenet Sauvignon with a small proportion of Cabernet Franc blended in. A third red Collina comes from the estates younger vines. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Maya are dense, massive and hugely extracted wines requiring a minimum of 6–7 years’ ageing; the Collina can be approached much sooner. (DM)

Dalla Valle Vineyards Oakville www.dallavallevineyards.com
Naoko Dalla Vale 7766 Silverado Trail, Napa, CA 95448
Tel: 707 944-2676 Fax: 707 944-8411

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