Diamond Creek Vineyards Diamond Mountain

Diamond Creek Vineyards Diamond Mountain

diamondcreekvineyardsThe late Al Brounstein died in June 2006 but his great achievement was to produce supreme Cabernet Sauvignon for a great deal longer than most of the new generation of super-cuvées. These are not just wines of massive extract and weight, sourced from prime mountain sites and each individually stating its own terroir, they are wines of grace, power and above all immense refinement. Volcanic Hill is the fullest and longest lived. Red Rock Terrace, like Volcanic Hill, comes from a warm site and is the most accessible of the trio whereas Gravelly Meadow – from the coolest of the three sites – is tight and restrained. You would be well-advised to cellar for at least 10 years to enjoy one of these bottles at its best. A fourth vineyard, Lake, is the coolest and smallest of the five plots on the property. Occasionally it produces extraordinary wines; there have only been eight vintages of it since 1972 and it almost always fetches a small fortune at auction. The fifth plot, called Petit Verdot and planted entirely to the variety, has now come on stream and provides additional blending resources for all the wines. (DM)

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