Dr Loosen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

Dr Loosen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

drloosenProbably the best-known quality producer from the Mosel today, Ernst Loosen has achieved a remarkable transformation in both the quality and image of a 22 ha estate with some choice Mittel Mosel plots. The approach is organic and non-interventionist and the wines have lovely depth and intensity but also real elegance and a distinctive expression of their origins. Whether the splendid succulent fruit richness of Wehlener Sonnenuhr, the spice-lined finesse of Ürziger Würzgarten or the more exotic class of Erdener Prälat, there is excellent ripeness, definition and concentration that owes much to old vines and low yields.

Wines are also made from the Erdener Treppchen and Graacher Himmelreich sites. All the wines should be kept for at least 3–4 years, except perhaps the widely seen Dr L, which can have good intensity and attractive fruit. A little Beerenauslese and TBA is also made. Ernst Loosen also produces excellent dry Rieslings at the J L WOLF estate, and another (Eroica) in Washington State in conjunction with CH. STE MICHELLE.

Dr Loosen Vineyard Mittel Mosel www.drloosen.com
Ernst Loosen St Johannishof, D-54470 Bernkastel-Kues
Tel: 06531 3426 Fax: 06531 4248

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