Duorum Port & Douro

Duorum Port & Douro

Duorum Port & DouroAlthough the relaxation of regulations governing Port production in 1986 has led to a growth of independent Port producers typically these comprise existing estates who previously sold their grapes or wines to shippers. It takes nerve to start up from scratch as with Duorum, but then the two men behind this new joint project are two of Portugal’s best known oenologists, João Portugal RAMOS and Jose Maria Soares Franco, the latter of whom oversaw production of FERREIRA’s Barca Velha for 27 years. The pair purchased Castelo Melhor, 150 ha of elevated (350-550m) vineyard in the Douro Superior, which they planted in 2008. Meantime, fruit is sourced from a combination of rented old vineyards and growers in the Cima Corgo and the Douro Superior. Since the aim is to produce a modern, fruit-led style with good ageing capacity, the duo prefer fruit from elevated vineyards (350- 500m). Freshness is prized and the wines are concentrated but fleshy, the Vintage Port, vivid in its fruity purity, with powerful but ripe supporting tannins. A Late Bottled Vintage Port (not tasted) is also made. A very promising venture. (SA)

Duorum Port & Douro www.duorum.pt
Jose Maria Soares & João Portugal Ramos 5750-146 Vila Nova de Foz Coa

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