Edna Valley Vineyard Edna Valley

Edna Valley Vineyard Edna Valley

Edna Valley VineyardThe Niven Family who own the Paragon Vineyard established this partnership with the CHALONE Wine Group in 1980 to produce a range of well-priced varietal wines that emphasise the cool-climate characteristics of the Edna Valley. Key here are the coastal fogs which drift inland to cool the vineyards at night during the summer growing season and the clay and volcanic rock soils. Chardonnay dominates the production of well over 100,000 cases a year and it stands out. Quality remains impressive despite the volume and the wines are good value. Chardonnay from the Paragon Vineyard is barrel-fermented and shows nicely judged lees and oak with subtle tropical and melon fruit notes. Both Syrah and Pinot are now also sourced from the Paragon Vineyard. Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Central Coast and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are both sourced from Paso Robles. The Syrah is bright and spicy with vibrant raspberry fruit. The Pinot is more marked by forward berry fruit than complex secondary flavours. There are a number of limited release wines available including pricier Reserves. (DM).

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Niven family/Diageo 2585 Biddle Ranch Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel: 805 544-5855 Fax: 805 544-0112

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