Elvio Cogno Barolo

Elvio Cogno Barolo

Elvio Cogno BaroloWedged against the Monforte and Barolo communes in the south-west of the Barolo zone is a decent chunk of the Novello commune. It’s sole significant and historic cru, Ravera, is given expression by both Cogno and M&E ABBONA. From their 9 ha of vineyard, Nadia Cogno’s husband, Walter Fissore, makes robustly flavoured wines with an extra intensity to the fruit than most. All are deep, wellbalanced and benefit from a little extra bottle-age. Ravera, with a muted barrique influence, assumes an earthy, truffly, savoury complexity with even a little age. Rich, powerful Barolo Vigna Elena, first made in 1997, is unusual in being produced solely from the Rosé clone of Nebbiolo. Montegrilli is a barrique-aged blend, half Nebbiolo and half Barbera. Anas-cëtta, sold as a Vino da Tavola, is from the obscure local grape Nas-cëtta. A portion of the grapes are barrique-fermented and aged contributing to its creamy, almost oily texture without dumbing down the distinctive wild herb and grapefruit character.

Elvio Cogno Barolo www.elviocogno.com
Nadia Cogno & Valter Fissore Loc. Ravera 2, 12060 Novello (CN)
Tel: 0173 744006 Fax: 0173 744921

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