Emmerich Knoll Wachau

Emmerich Knoll Wachau

Emmerich Knoll WachauThis historic family vineyard of some 15 ha, planted mostly to Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, is another that shows just how good the top Wachau whites are. Emmerich Knoll’s wines can be difficult to taste when young but can become almost overwhelming in their intensity and concentration with a little age or time in the glass. Any youthful aggression also tends to dissipate as both a strong varietal character and terroir influence emerge. The Smaragd version of Loibenberg Loibner Riesling has great vigour and superb length of flavour. Both this and the elegant, refined Dürnsteiner Schütt can age for a decade or more in top vintages. Pure, ripe Riesling is also made from Ried Pfaffenberg from outside the Wachau area. Examples of Grüner Veltliner show classic peppery varietal fruit but with balanced levels of alcohol. Loibner Kreutles Grüner Veltliner hasn’t usually the extra concentration or style of the Loibenberg Loibner or Loibner Schütt examples but nonetheless shows a lovely fruit character. A little of a special selection of the ripest (but non-botrytised fruit) is reserved for ‘Vinothekfüllung’ Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, while some Beerenauslese is also made when conditions permit.

Emmerich Knoll Wachau www.loibnerhof.at
Knoll family Unterloiben 10, A-3601 Dürnstein
Tel: 02732 79355 Fax: 02732 793555

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