Feiler-Artinger Neusiedlersee-Hügelland

Feiler-Artinger Neusiedlersee-Hügelland

Feiler-Artinger Neusiedlersee-HügellandKurt Feiler works with his father to make fine, elegant sweet whites plus some dry whites and reds on his family’s estate. Sweet whites start with Ruster Ausbruch, the traditional sweet wine of Rust which varies in composition but can include Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Welschriesling while a Pinot Cuvée version with the Pinot Blanc component fermented in new oak, adds in Pinot Gris. True to the style, the wines are more fully fermented than sweet German wines and have an alcohol level (13.5%) similar to Sauternes. The wines are honeyed and refined with lots of ripe botrytised fruit intensity but vary in richness and style according to the vintage. The creamy, refined and pure-fruited Pinot Cuvée shows a lovely balance between sweetness and acidity. An Essenz bottling is an intensely sweet unctuous style with great purity, depth and length and should be tried at least once. Other sweet wines include a good Beerenauslese (Weissburgunder, Chardonnay and Welschriesling) along with Traminer Beerenauslese, Muskat Ottonel Beerenauslese and occasionally an unusual dried cherryfruited Zweigelt Beerenauslese. Dry varietal whites are made too as is the barrel fermented Gustav from Chardonnay, if previously also including Pinot Gris and Neuburger, which has creamy pear, quince and melon fruit. Reds have become increasingly important, lately accounting for more than half the winery’s output. The complex, smoky black-fruited Solitaire is based on Blaufränkisch (usually with Merlot and Cabernet Franc). It now receives up to 100% new oak and has become increasingly ripe and concentrated, deserving of 7-8 years’ ageing. A very convincing, gutsy yet elegant Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend needs a similar amount of time. It is numbered with successive vintages: the most recent 2007 vintage is 1013. Other reds include a brambly, characterful ‘Zweigelt & More’ (with a little Cabernet Franc) and a dense Pinot Noir aged in 75% new oak. A Cabernet Franc and a rosé from Blaufränkisch are also made.

Feiler-Artinger Neusiedlersee-Hügelland www.feiler-artinger.at
Hans Feiler Hauptstrasse 3, A-7071 Rust
Tel: 02685 237 Fax: 02685 23722

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