Giaconda (Beechworth)

Giaconda (Beechworth)

giaconda❁❁ Giaconda (Beechworth)
Rick Kinzbrunner McClay Rd, Beechworth, VIC 3747
Tel: 03 5727 0246 Fax: 03 5727 0246

Production here remains small at around 2,500 cases per year, although the 3 ha vineyards planted in the 1980s have now doubled in size thanks to more recent plantings. A small amount of wine is exported but most of it is accounted for by a dedicated mailing list. Rick Kinzbrunner’s Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are Australian cool-climate classics, almost Burgundian in style with an approach to vinification that mirrors the best of the Côte d’Or. Kinzbrunner has now even created a vast underground cellar in which to age the wines. The Pinot Noir is expansive and classy, the Chardonnay structured and immensely refined; it requires a minimum of 5 years’ ageing to fully unfurl but is nearly always amongst Australia’s finest examples. Cabernet is a classic Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. More recently the range has been extended to include: Nantua Les Deux, a full-on blend of Chardonnay with a small amount of Roussanne; Aeolia, a rich powerful and exotic varietal Roussanne; and a richly textured, stylish Shiraz with a dash of Roussanne for aromatic complexity from the neighbouring Warner vineyard. A Nebbiolo is now made as is an estate Shiraz and a Pinot Noir from Beechworth/Yarra Valley. Another new project is a joint venture with Michel CHAPOUTIER, Ergo Sum Shiraz which comes from the Nantua Vineyard. All the wines age very well. Prices reflect both quality and demand.

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