Grant Burge Wines Barossa Valley

Grant Burge Wines Barossa Valley

Grant BurgeGrant Burge has an impressive resource of 200 ha from which to make top Barossa wines. Nearly all are now prefixed with a vineyard name and are made in the recently reacquired old Krondorf winery. Shiraz is naturally the strongest hand, starting with a sweet-fruited Miamba, progressing to a fuller, richer, oaky but characterful Filsell, and, from the same vineyard, Meschach, a pricey but powerful, super-stylish classic American-oaked Barossa Shiraz from 80-year-old vines that is more than a cut above the rest. Balthasar, a Shiraz Viognier, is made from mostly Eden Valley fruit in a more seductive, velvety style. The Cabernet equivalent to Meschach is Shadrach. a deep, rich and intense red, immersed in heather and blackcurrant and aged in French oak. Some early efforts of both wines lacked balance but this is not true of recent releases. Holy Trinity, composed of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre (40/40/20), mercifully is more modestly priced and is developing into an increasingly complex red; new French oak and an extended maceration on the skins are now employed to good effect. Two whites are oaky and flavoursome, a Summers Chardonnay surpassed by Zerk Sémillon Viognier. Other good whites include Thorn Riesling, Kraft Sauvignon and late-picked Lily Farm Muscat. Barossa Vines is a decent second label for varietal Shiraz, Sémillon and Chardonnay. Good sparkling and fortified wines are also made; the 20-year-old Tawny is particularly powerful, plump and appealing.

Grant Burge Wines Barossa Valley
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