Gross Südsteiermark

Gross Südsteiermark

Gross SüdsteiermarkAlois Gross has nearly 50 ha in southern Styria, well over 90% of it planted to a wide but typical range of varieties for the region. A range of Steirische Klassik varietals are expressive if relatively straightforward. All benefit from 3–4 months on their lees, the Chardonnay (Morillon) additionally from ageing in 25hl casks. Only a limited number of the single-vineyard wines have been tasted but it is surely these that have established the Gross name as they are focused, properly structured wines with poise and intensity. An elderflower-and-mineral Sauvignon from Sulz contrasts with a fuller, richer, spicy, complex and composed Ratscher Nussberg example. The latter receives 10 months in large oak and shows just how seamless this integration should be. Also super is Gewürztraminer from Ratscher Nussberg; distinguished by its subtlety, length and intensity it could pass for an Alsace grand cru. Others include Weissburgunder from both Nussberg and Kittenberg as well as Gelber Muskateller from the Perz vineyard. Gewürztraminer is also produced occasionally in a very sweet style such as TBA or Eiswein.

Gross Südsteiermark
Gross family Ratsch 26, A-8461 Ratsch an der Weinstrasse
Tel: 03453 2527 Fax: 03453 2728

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