Grove Mill Marlborough

Grove Mill Marlborough

Grove Mill MarlboroughGrove Mill has grown rapidly since being established in 1988. While many of the grapes are supplied under contract, a series of vineyards have been either leased or bought outright to increase the amount under the winery’s direct control. Since the first vintage the wines have delivered consistently ripe fruit and are characterised by their almost overwhelming fruit intensity and concentration. In the Sauvignon this is slightly at the expense of greater expression and complexity. A partially barrique-fermented and oak-aged Chardonnay, like several of the better examples in the region, can be a touch overdone, not lacking for weight or structure but somewhat dominated by secondary, winemaking-given characters (including the oak) at the expense of a clearer expression of the fruit. A Pinot Gris displays less varietal expression than some but nonetheless shows good richness and balanced acidity, while Pinot Noir wants for a purer expression. Marginally pricier Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc are released as Grand Reserve. Sanctuary, named for a wetland project that has been developed at the Waihopai Valley vineyard, is a second label that includes Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. A second Pinot Gris is made under the Frog Haven label.

Grove Mill Marlborough
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