Gunderloch Rheinhessen

Gunderloch Rheinhessen

gunderlochFritz and Agnes Hasselbach’s 14ha of vineyards are steeply sloping and well protected. The famed Rothenberg site with its distinctive red slatey soils is as steep as some of those on the Mosel and produces some of the richest, most intense Rieslings in Germany. There is an explosive richness of fruit at Spätlese level with ever-increasing intensity, power and structure at higher levels of ripeness. The wines are also generally very well balanced, enabling them to be drunk fairly young, though most should be kept for 5 years or considerably longer. A little wine is also made from the Niersteiner Oelberg and Niersteiner Pettenthal sites. Drei Sterne Auslese is a good example of characterful Trocken style Auslese, while Jean-Baptiste is an off-dry Kabinett estate wine. Newish Red Stone Riesling is a light, racy, commercial example.

Gunderloch Rheinhessen
Agnes Hasselbach-Usinger Carl-Gunderloch-Platz 31, D-55299 Nackenheim
Tel: 06135 2341 Fax: 06135 2431

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