Heymann-Löwenstein Terrassenmosel

Heymann-Löwenstein Terrassenmosel

hlwebReinhard Löwenstein’s 15 ha of vineyard cling to extremely steep terraces in the Terrassenmosel, only a short distance from Koblenz and the juncture of the Mosel with the Rhine. He makes some magnificent dry wines from stone walled slopes perfectly angled to the low sun. The atypically warm mesoclimate combines with a long ripening season and low yields to produce excellent fruit. The slate soils are distinct from those in the Mittel Mosel and the resulting wines are a very different expression of the Mosel too. They tend to be either fermented to dryness or made in more fully sweet styles (Auslese and above), though the winemaking approach is very ‘hands-off ’. Sweet wines show exquisite fruit and definition. The Erste Lage wines from parcels of vines within Winninger Uhlen deliver intense, mineral elegance in the Laubach, more depth and weight in Roth Lay and cooler promise in Blaufüsser Lay. The length of flavour and complexity in all three is most impressive. Of other names used that don’t refer to a vineyard site, Schieferterrassen indicates a vineyard blend while a vom Blauem Schiefer Riesling comes from a different ‘blue’ type of slate within Uhlen.

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R. Löwenstein & C. Heymann-Löwenstein Bahnhofstrasse 10, D-56333 Winningen
Tel: 02606 1919 Fax: 02606 1909

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