Horst Sauer Franken

Horst Sauer Franken

weingut-horst-sauerIn the space of a few vintages, Horst Sauer has emerged as the best producer in Franken and one of the new stars of Germany; the winemaker now is his daughter Sandra Sauer. There is both complexity and individuality in all the better wines, while elegance and well-detailed fruit are evident even in Riesling Kabinett. From a total of 16.5 ha of vineyards in one of Franken’s most prized vineyard sites, Escherndorfer Lump, there is Silvaner of similar quality to Riesling and both have excellent balance and composure in dry and sweeter styles.

Quite superb Riesling Beerenauslese and Riesling and Silvaner TBA all combine richness and expression; intense spice, mineral and dried fruit flavours linger long on the finish. A Scheurebe Spätlese is an excellent example of this variety too and even Müller-Thurgau has good intensity and shows a light minerally elegance. Partially barriqued Sennsucht Silvaner is a successful diversion in a more international style. Some Pinot Noir rosé is also made.

❁❁ Horst Sauer Franken www.weingut-horst-sauer.de
Horst Sauer Bocksbeutelstrasse 14, D-97332 Escherndorf
Tel: 09381 4364 Fax: 09381 6843

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