JAQK Cellars Napa Valley

JAQK Cellars Napa Valley

JAQK CellarsIs this serious or is it humorous? Wine drinking poker players should be thrilled with this new conception of marketing wine. The brainchild of Joel Templin and Katie Jain, already at the forefront of graphic design, have teamed up with Craig MacLean, one time winemaker for Cain Cellars and Spring Mountain Vineyards , to produce wines that are themed on card play. JAQK itself, of course, stands for Jack, Ace, Queen and King and the clever labelling and packaging makes an exciting visual impact on the consumer. But you have to be reminded that it is not the label that one drinks. Behind the label (and this is one of the raisons d’être for this guide) is the knowledge that some serious winemaking hides beneath a somewhat gimmicky exterior. All the wines are named after gaming terms, which may or may not make them easier to remember. Black Clover Napa Valley Merlot is smooth with soft tannins and good finesse, very approachable now but will keep for some years. High Roller Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has layers of upfront black fruit and an unctuous and long finish. Soldier of Fortune Napa Valley Syrah is a big wine with good varietal flavours without being too aggressive. There are wines from other parts of California going under exotic names such as Pearl Handle Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast, Charmed Sauvignon Blanc, Her Majesty Chardonnay, Bone Dance Merlot and 22 Black Cabernet Sauvignon from vineyards around California. Since they major on packaging, there are a number of gift box choices that are attractive to the eye. Prices seem a little elevated. (NB)

JAQK Cellars Napa Valley www.jaqkcellars.com
J. Templin, K. Jain & C. Maclean 402 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel: 415 398 1630 Fax: 415 398-1660

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