Jasper Hill (Heathcote)

Jasper Hill (Heathcote)

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Ron Laughton Drummonds Lane, Heathcote VIC 3523
Tel: 03 5433 2528 Fax: 03 5433 3143

The production here is small and the wines can be very difficult to track down but it is worth the effort. As with the finest producers in the northern Rhône, the approach is one of minimal intervention: no irrigation, minimal vineyard treatments and virtually sulphur-free reds. Yields are tiny from the sparse, granite-based soils, between 1 and 2 tons to the acre. The two Shirazes are remarkable: both rich, concentrated and full of exotic dark berry fruit and spice, with a marvellous supple texture underpinning them. The Georgia’s Paddock is slightly more opulent while a dash of Cabernet Franc in Emily’s Paddock brings aromatic lift. They are amongst Australia’s very finest. While they will easily age for 20 years or more they can be broached with just a few years in the cellar. while a dash of Cabernet Franc in Emily’s Paddock brings aromatic lift. For long just one white was also produced, a powerful stuctured Riesling, full of subtle citrus but minerally and toasty with 3 or 4 years’ ageing. Very small quantities of Nebbiolo have been made since 2001. In 2009, Laughton made a Viognier, Emily’s Paddock (not tasted). Also new is La Pleiade Shiraz (known as Cluster M45 in the USA), as well as an Agly Valley red from the Côtes du Roussillon in a joint venture with Michel CHAPOUTIER.

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