JJ Christoffel Mittel Mosel

JJ Christoffel Mittel Mosel

JJ ChristoffelThe recently retired Hans Leo Christoffel has leased his minute holding (4 ha) of Riesling vines to neighbour Robert Eymael (MÖNCHHOF/ROBERT EYMAEL), who has taken full responsibility for the wines’ production and sale. However a separate identity has been maintained for the wines, over which Christoffel still has some influence. The Ürziger Würzgarten wines are excellent with lovely spice, citrus (and riper peach and nectarine in the riper styles), and penetrating intensity and depth, particularly in reasonably priced special selections. Fine Rieslings are also produced from Erdener Treppchen.

JJ Christoffel Mittel Mosel www.moenchhof.de
Hans Leo Christoffel Schanzstrasse 2, D-54539 Ürzig
Tel: 06532 93164 Fax: 06532 93166

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