Josef Jamek Wachau

Josef Jamek Wachau

Josef Jamek WachauJosef Jamek was one of the pioneers of the dry styles of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner that have reestablished Austria’s winemaking reputation. The 25 ha estate is now run by one of his daughters, Jutta, and her husband, Hans Altmann. Low yields contribute to an intense varietal expression as well as something of the individual terroir. The wines are pure, intense and very classy in the case of the Ried Klaus Riesling, with a floral, mineral aspect and citrus and nectarine fruit. Similar class canbe seen in Ried Freiheit. Concentrated but firm when young they generally need time to soften and become easier to drink. Chardonnay and Weissburgunder is also made while reds include Zweigelt and Spätburgunder. The stylish Sekt is an unusually good example of sparkling wine from this part of Europe.

Josef Jamek Wachau
Jamek family Joching 45, A-3610 Weissenkirchen
Tel: 02715 2235 Fax: 02715 223522

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