Karlsmühle Ruwer

Karlsmühle Ruwer

weingut-karlsmuehlePeter Geiben’s 14.5 ha of vineyards are spread over some excellent Ruwer sites, namely those in Lorenzhöf (Felsay and Mäuerchen) and Kasel (Nies’chen and Kehrnagel). The wine quality since the late 1990s puts him among the best growers in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. The wines have excellent ripeness (in a cool, mineral, citrus/apple vein) and intensity, ranging from the light, stylish and fruitintense Mäuerchen Kabinett to sweet, concentrated and elegant Nies’chen Auslese. An incredibly sweet and tangy Eiswein, the Kehrnagel, has smoky, spicy, mineral and honeyed aromas and dried fruit flavours, deserving plenty of age. All the wines are extremely well priced for the quality.

Karlsmühle Ruwer www.karlsmuehle.com
Peter Geiben Im Mühlengrund 1, D-54318 Mertesdorf
Tel: 0651 5124 Fax: 0651 5610296

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