Kistler Vineyards Russian River Valley

Kistler Vineyards Russian River Valley

kistlerThis has long been a name associated with some of the greatest California Chardonnay. More recently Steve Kistler has been producing some marvellous, rich and vibrant Pinot Noirs as well. Both varieties are made in very small lots from a number of different sites throughout Sonoma County as well as Carneros. The Kistler Vineyard, Durell Vineyard, Dutton Ranch, Hudson Vineyard and McCrea Vineyard, have all been sources of wines that are invariably of at least ★★★★ quality. Cuvée Cathleen is the top Chardonnay. The Chardonnays are characterised by full, rich, honeyed notes along with an elegant, mineral core; the Pinots can be explosive with youthful, weighty tannins, suggesting real cellaring potential. Kistler is also now making a series of Pinot Noirs under a new brand, Occidental. Expect these to be top notch. (DM)

❁❁ Kistler Vineyards Russian River Valley
Steve Kistler 4707 Vine Hill Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Tel: 707 823-5603 Fax: 707 823-5603

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