Lidio Carraro Serra Gaúcha

Lidio Carraro Serra Gaúcha

Lidio Carraro Serra GaúchaEstablished in 1998 and debuting on the market in 2004, this self-proclaimed “boutique winery” has a philosophy of “pure wine”. No oak is used, nor is there any filtering, micro-oxygenation or any other form of alchemy. The estate has two labels – SulBrasil and the “premium” Lidio Carraro range. The labels are essentially defined by their yields and the effects thereof: SulBrasil wines are cropped at 3kg per plant, Lidio Carraro at 1.4kg. So twice as much of the former is made than the latter. SulBrasil vineyards are planted on the usual argillaceous soils but the Carraro vineyards are mainly on granite. The prices are and alcohol levels are sometimes dizzyingly high, culminating in the 16% / (£G+) Tannat Grande Vindima. (SG)

>> Lidio Carraro Serra Gaúcha
Estrada do Vinho RS 444, Km 2 Vale dos Vinhedos
Tel: +55 54 2105 2555

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