Max-Ferd Richter Mittel Mosel

Max-Ferd Richter Mittel Mosel

Max-Ferd RichterDr Dirk Richter is the current director of this family estate, established over 300 years ago. The 17 ha of vineyards are in some of the Mittel Mosel’s best sites. There is a characteristic ripeness and intensity, and the fine acidity and the class of the top vineyards comes through. No two wines are quite the same: a complex, intense, apricotty Juffer-Sonnenuhr Spätlese, for instance, contrasts with the more citrus elegance of Graacher Himmelreich Spätlese.

The small Alleinbesitz (solely owned vineyard) of Mülheimer Helenenkloster consistently produces an outstanding Eiswein – a sweet and tangy potion of citrus peel, dried peach, spice and more exotic flavours that lingers long in the mouth. The Veldenzer Elisenberg vineyard is also under the sole ownership of the family and the source of fine Rieslings, including an excellent Cask 60 Auslese. Prices are fair, a good Richter Estate QbA included.

Max-Ferd Richter Mittel Mosel
Richter family Hauptstrasse 37/85, D-54486, Mülheim-Mosel
Tel: 06534 933003 Fax: 06534 1211

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