Michele Chiarlo Barolo

Michele Chiarlo Barolo

Michele Chiarlo BaroloWith 110ha, Chiarlo is one of the most substantial vineyard owners in Piedmont. A major part of this is for Barbera d’Asti production but it also includes some top crus for Nebbiolo and a chunk of Gavi. While the wines are competently made it is often the Barberas (particularly the consistently fine La Court) that impress as much as the Barbaresco and Barolos. The latter despite their origins, can seem a little inelegant when tasted alongside their peers. Of recent releases the Cerequio shows the most purity and style, as well as balance. Barbaresco Asili shows fine quality too but is deceptive in its accessibility, and like the Barolos needs time for the tannic backbone to soften.

Michele Chiarlo Barolo www.michelechiarlo.it
Michele Chiarlo Str. Nizza-Canelli 99, 14042 Calamandrana (AT)
Tel: 0141 769030 Fax: 0141 769033

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