Muller-Catoir Vineyard Pfalz

Muller-Catoir Vineyard Pfalz

mueller-catoirThe 20 ha of vineyards are not on the Pfalz’s most famous sites, but very intense, fine wines are produced across a range of lesser-known vineyards. The wines provide a real contrast to the exquisite balance and finesse seen in the top Mosel wines as, although well-balanced and fine, they are characterised more by their power and thrilling intensity, which have earned them an almost fanatical following. Those from Rieslaner (a crossing between Riesling and Sylvaner) are the most individual and characterful of all, with remarkable sweetness and power at Auslese level and higher. Riesling, though intense, doesn’t always have quite the depth or concentration seen in other top Pfalz examples. Sweet, exotic Scheurebe and good dry examples of Grauburgunder, Weissburgunder and Muskateller are also made.

Muller-Catoir Vineyard Pfalz
Phillip David Catoir Mandelring 25, D-67433 Haardt
Tel: 06321 2815 Fax: 06321 480014

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