Nikolaihof Wachau

Nikolaihof Wachau

Nikolaihof WachauNikolaus and Christine Saahs make fine biodynamically (Demeter certified) produced Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller from 22 ha of vineyards that have been a source of wine for more than a thousand years. The vines have a high average age and recent vintages have added a little extra intensity to wines that have good definition and style. Riesling is particularly long-lived, whether the restrained, minerally vom Stein or intense, refined Im Weingebirge (both from the Wachau) or steely, elegant Steiner Hund from just outside the area, in Kremstal. Even the fine Federspiel version of vom Stein will improve for 5 years or more. The Saahs’ characterful Im Weingebirge Grüner Veltliner shows a smoky, earthy influence in a quite full, fat Smaragd version and good ripeness in a Federspiel version. Both can be drunk young and the Smaragd version with up to 5 years’ age. Of other varieties grown, Weissburgunder shows good depth and structure.

Nikolaihof Wachau
Saahs family Nikolaigasse 3, A-3512 Mautern
Tel: 02732 82901 Fax: 02732 76440

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